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Hotels in West Baden Springs, Indiana

Below we have listed a comprehensive selection of hotels in the West Baden Springs, Indiana area. We have displayed them by order of proximity to West Baden Springs and display the phone numbers. If you're looking for another selection of hotels or motels in Indiana, you can select another city from our drop down box on the right. If you're looking to book a hotel online, I suggest using YouGetAround.com. They always seem to have the best travel deals for me.

There are Hotels in West Baden Springs that are in our directory.
West Baden Springs Hotel
8538 West Baden Avenue, West Baden Springs, IN
(812) 936-1902
The Purse Lady/Crazyhorse Ranch and Lodge
6000 W County Road 250 N, West Baden Spgs, IN
(812) 936-9199
French Lick Springs Hotel
8670 West State Road 56, French Lick, IN
(812) 936-9300
Valley of the Springs Resort
57 South Ballard Lane, French Lick, IN
(812) 936-3866
Lane Motel & Campground
8483 West State Road 56, French Lick, IN
(812) 936-9919
Comfort Suites
9530 West State Road 56, French Lick, IN
(812) 936-5300
Artist's Inn & Gallery
592 South Summit Street, French Lick, IN
(812) 936-7333
Michael T's Motel
9633 W State Road 56, French Lick, IN
(812) 936-4656
Midwest Inn
1917 West Main Street, Paoli, IN
(812) 723-4555
MPH Hotels Inc
French Lick, IN
(812) 936-5302

West Baden Springs, Indiana Hotels Documentation
There are 611 travling employees living in West Baden Springs Indiana. There are significantly more than 1222 traveling occupations available in Orange County. The nearest block of multiple hotels is 3.666 miles away in the town of French Lick, IN. There are 317 women living in West Baden Springs, 22.6% have stayed in at least one hotel. Of the 294 men that are working in West Baden Springs, suprisingly only 57.9% have stayed in a hotel, but 11.5% of the males have travelled with their jobs in West Baden Springs, which tends to be in the entertainment industry. The polls from a questionnaire that was sent out to the working class living in West Baden Springs, Indiana, only 4.8% of the population would ever stay in a motel. The hotel and traveling residency in West Baden Springs, Indiana spends over $1833 in cash daily.

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